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Domain Services

What Are They

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1. Domain Appraisal

Anytime you want to access a website you need to type a domain in your search bar. In fact, we might say that a domain is to a website something like a street address is to a house.

Of course it is a little bit more complicated than that, but in most cases what our clients ask is to get hold of a meaningful domain for their businesses. Often times they have a pretty good idea of what they want.

Unfortunately long are gone the times when domains were available in all forms and combinations: today you have to be creative (or lucky) to get hold of that perfect domain you long for. After all, we can say that a good domain equals to a good location for a high street business.

The Coding Lab, through the domain appraisal program, offers the possibility to assess your needs and scan the market in search of the perfect available domain. We dig into our expertise analyzing factors such as length, complexity, budget available, potential, search engines impact and many more.

Enquire if you want this as a standalone service, or as a part of a broader project. We have plans for every need. It also works in the opposite way: if you own a domain and want to evaluate it (or sell), we can assist in determining the current market value and broker the deal.


Millions are the domains currently registered in the USA


The year the first domain was registered


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2. Domain Purchase

When you know what domain to buy it is time to purchase it. What may seem a straightforward transaction is in fact an important decision that will affect the future of your business in a profound manner.

Think of this: you spend energy and resources to build a brand, and all of that is associated with the name of your business. The domain is that thing which people remember the most about your online presence. You want to be sure that the purchase provides solid ground for years to come.

There are so many elements to take into account when purchasing a domain: hidden fees, payable edits, bundles including unnecessary endings, renewal fees. The list goes on. We want to provide a reliable, affordable, honest service.

If you choose to use The Coding Lab, We will always be upfront about the costs involved in purchasing a domain, and we will make sure to answer any request for extra information you may require. No magic wand here, but just a service you can trust.

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Did You Know?

Three characters domains are the easiest to remember.
Alas it is pretty much impossible to register one now.
They were all sold out by 1997.

3. Web Hosting

To keep the story as short as possible, web hosting is a host providing a virtual place in the internet for your website. In this field the options are practically endless, and offer solutions for anyone's needs. Web hosting is a big topic, and we will go deeper in future blog posts. What you need to know, as a customer, is that this is once again an important decision in your journey: it's all about scalability and exit strategies.

If you are looking for a basic static website (to add visibility to your plumbing company for example) you will be happy with the lowest, cheapest offer of the spectrum. Chances are that data transfers or storage limits will not affect you.

But if a later stage you want to add an interactive product showcase and a way for clients to shop for parts and leave reviews, you needs will suddenly change. To upgrade to a better service while on a cheap plan with no exit strategy will cost you money.

We are here to back you up on your decision making process and finalize the hosting service alongside you. Reach out to enquire about our services, or bundle up as a package.

Looking for a quote?

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4. Email Hosting

Email hosting is a general term that denotes a service that hosts your email. Gmail is an email hosting service for example.

More specifically, it can also mean a service that allows you to host your own email account: an example is The Coding Lab and the email address The possibility to have your own email often comes bundled with the web hosting service your purchase, but that is not guaranteed.

Some cheap hosting plans do not include that. Regardless, it is pretty much always possible to have your own email address when you also own a domain. We at The Coding Lab would be happy to assist with the setup.

5. Domain Maintenance

Domain names are not purchased for life. In most cases you have to renew them every year or so. While you own a domain you will receive alerts and will be able to keep an eye on the deadlines from your control panel.

But if you miss it you have little time to recover: depending on the provider you have up to 30-40 days to renew it (likely for an extra fee). After that your domain names goes for sale on auctions and you stand little chances to retain it. Domain maintenance also involves security updates, spam prevention and whois maintenance.

If you prefer to not worry about any of these things, get in touch. We also bundle up this service in our packages.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Why some websites do not have a www?

Fun fact: a domain does not include www. The www we are accustomed to is actually a subdomain, for example: is the domain, whereas is the subdomain. The trick is that we can decide what's redirecting to what, so typing either one works just fine, at the speed of light. At least in most cases. It is important to know that SEO can be impacted by the way domains and subdomains work, so it is always recommended to seek expert advise when setting them up.

How much should I spend on a domain name?

This is totally dependant on your budget and priorities: there are domains for sale for thousands of dollars, as there are domains for as little as 0.99 cents. The difference is about the complexity of the word, the history of the domain (if any), the type of TLD - which is the part after the last dot (like .com) - and many more. The Coding Lab can help taking down the cost through appraising your needs and identifying opportunities for best value domains out there. If you go your own way watch out for bundling options: do you really need a .xyz domain?

How many domains are there?

According to the latest data there are about 370M domains registered worldwide as per Q3 of 2020. Domains .com are by far the most popular, followed by .tk and .de which respectively stand for Tokelau (and small archipelago in the Pacific) and Deutschland (that is Germany). If you are wondering, .tk domains are so high because they are mostly used by companies with phishing purposes.

Are domain names case sensitive?

Domain names are 99% of the times case insensitive. Whether you type or it won't matter. Different story for whatever comes after .com and the slash: that is part of the URL and it is case sensitive, because it has to match precise locations in the website folder structure. so is different than Watch out: I mentioned 99% of the times because over the last decade it has been introduced an international standard to help non English speaking countries eliminate the language barrier while accessing the net, and some of those domains are case sensitive. Most likely it won't affect English speaking clients, but it is good to know.

Are email addresses case sensitive?

the part before the @ is theoretically case sensitive, although all major providers treat it as case insensitive to avoid confusion. The part after the @ is 100% case insensitive. Bottom line: always try to use lowercase letters and you'll be fine. If you use one of the major providers, typing uppercase letters most likely won't affect your delivery.

What does DNS mean?

Literally, Domain Name System. Computers do not understand words, so DNS is the way to translate the common words we type (such as into IP addresses (such as which is the way website are indexed on servers. It gets more complicated than this, but for simplicity let's say that DNS make sure you receive the website you type in your search bar.

What is Whois lookup?

ICANN - International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - established Whois in 1982 and as per their description, it is a “free, publicly available directory containing the contact and technical information of registered domain name registrants.” In practice it is a database where anyone can see (look up) information about ownership of a domain and DNS settings. Owners might be private citizens or, most often, organizations acting as intermediaries between the citizen and the provider.