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Web Design

Complete Timeline And Questions

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1. Set The Objectives

To begin, we ask if you want to write us information about websites you like, what platform do you need to use, what is it that you are looking for, what kind of content are you planning on putting online etc. We also want to know if you have any websites you don't like.

After, there is a kick off call where we discuss your needs and agree on the goals we want to achieve. Our staff will analyze in depth your requirements and eventual materials you can provide.

It is a crucial phase in web design because a great analysis will save time and miscomprehensions later in the process. Will you need to design your logo? Have you got your colors, typography and fonts? How many pages do you need? The call usually takes 30 minutes and it is not charged.


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2. Plan And Approval

Here we design a one page mock up based on the previous conversation, and present it back to you for feedback. We always aim to combine the most beautiful codework and the agility businesses need to get things done.

Alongside the mockup, you will receive a quote with the price to get the website done. The quote includes a fully functional, responsive, website. There will be options to add extras if you are interested.

Once we get your approval, we agree on the payment plan and finally get down to business.

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Did You Know?

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3. Wireframes

In this phase we design the full website: our wires will show how the web site will look like, and are submitted electronically to you. You can review them and get back to us if there is anything not marching your expectations.

We usually schedule a call to address your questions and get your points on board.

Looking for a quote?

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4. Final Design

This is where we produce the finished piece: your website is now ready to go into development. It means that the scaffolding is in place.

There will be chances to apply minor adjustments later on, but the majority of the architecture is there.

5. Development

Here you can take a step back and relax: we will translate the designs into a working website. Normally we create the homepage first, then proceed and via "shelling" fulfil all of the other pages.

We will add the functionalities agreed earlier on (contact forms for example) and we will make sure you receive updates throughout. We naturally incorporate SEO ready technology in our designs: this means that we follow the basic requirements to provide SEO experiences, although for an effective strategy aimed at optimizing SEO we recommend using our specific SEO services.

Lastly, the coded website is taken on a rollout and testing phase, usually 10-14 days. Here we confirm the successful functionality and a satisfactory UX experience.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

What will you need to do?

Web design is a two way exercise: we cannot achieve great results without your help. We ask you to be responsive while we work on your design, and to be as precise as possible in telling us what your expectations are. Also, we will ask you to tell us three important things: who is your target audience, what features will you need to have on your website, and what content are you going to put there. If you are an entrepreneur and need help sourcing blog writers do let us know as we have contacts in the sector.

How long does it take to get a website designed?

The answer here depends on factors such as the complexity of what do you need, what materials we already have (templates, fonts, icons, photos), what effects and widgets you want to add on. In broad terms, we have delivered a fully functional website in as little as 30 days in the past, but other times it took us months to achieve what we were asked for. Regardless, we will always be clear about what to expect since the beginning, so you are aware before embarking on the journey.

What if I already have a website I want to redesign?

This will require an analysis first, and the subsequent steps will be different and dependant on the outcome of that. In general, we notice that most requests come for under-performing or non-responsive websites. In both cases, we have the expertise to fix the issues. If you own a website you wish to re-design, just reach out and we will take it from there.

What is responsive web design?

This is common practice nowadays. Responsive websites are accessible not only on desktops or laptop computers, but also on tablets and smartphones. We are proud to say that at The Coding Lab we have this service always included in our quotes at no extra charge, making our web services affordable.

What is SEO friendly web design?

This field has existed for some time, but has gained paramount importance over the last few years. It means design keeping in mind the impacts it'll have on search engines. There are many many factors to consider, and we offer specific SEO services and most often sell them alongside new or existing designs so that our clients get the most value out of our work.

What are UI and UX in web design?

These terms are often confused and you may very well come across them yourself in your design journey. UI is all about interactions and visual touch-points: color, animations, typography... everything that has to do with the aesthetic appeal of the web page. UX on the other hand, is about the structural efficiency and the relief of the pain points the user encounters while interacting with the website: ever seen one those annoying popup ads crippling the flow on the page? Now you understand...